Carstairs RV - Service Specials

Have you ever wanted to add a solar package to your unit??? Now is the perfect opportunity!
WOW!!!! Fully installed 95 WATT solar panel and monitor kit for only $1,135.00 + GST!!!!

We offer a FULL appliance test & inspection to ensure all of your propane lines are leak free and all appliances are in proper working condition for only $118.00 + GST! Act now to get an appointment before we are booked up!

Did you just get your unit out of storage? Are you pressed for time but need to get your unit prepped for May Long??
We offer a full De-winterization for only $65.95 + GST! You MUST act now to get your appointment booked in!!

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The camping season is upon us! Which means traveling and one thing that should be done every 2 years or 12,000 KMS is.....Wheel bearing repack and now you can take advantage of our great price of $65.00 + GST per wheel BEFORE we book solid for the season! Contact Service as soon as possible to save a spot now!

Have you had your unit in storage??
Are you worried about your propane fittings and seal
Well worry no more as we offer a
Propane System Leak Test for only $65.95 + GST.
This will ensure you do not have to worry about you
r propane system all season long!!!

CALL US NOW!!!! 1-877-948-4604